P57 Devlog 02 - Character & Gameplay

Art Jan 25, 2020

After creating the worldgen, we needed a character and AI system, to do this we decided to get the modular mech constructor pack from the asset store. This was extremely useful because it allowed us to mix and match character parts to make unique enemies and Characters.

As you can see we also added in a basic HUD, we centered the two weapon energy indicators around the cross hair so the player doesn't have to take their eyes off of the action to check the energy level.

We also added one of the core gameplay elements. The game is structured around a radio transmitter that you need to protect from swarms of enemy robots.

Later on you will be able to place down this transmitter anywhere you want.

The grass was created using the Unity VFX graph, it allows for instanced mesh rendering on the GPU. We define areas that should spawn grass using an image texture holding position data through the red green and blue channels. This image texture is generated by terrain slope, so grass won't spawn on cliffs. The trees are simply normal GameObjects that have been spawned into the world.


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